Here are the immediate services we provide

App Development

Our first consultation for mobile will be FREE and we disclose the fundamental costs to design, build, and launch a robust and market-ready app. We build apps that are cross-platform between iOS, Android, and Web; reducing time and costs.

Web Services

We develop your next big web service. We take care of hosting, programming, databases, design, branding, and security. We have options to enable your web service mobile-friendly too. Need to know more? See our Boogio Web Portal use case!

Traditional Desktop Application

We develop native desktop applications for Mac, Windows, and various distributions of Linux. Including but not limited to GUIs, desktop clients to connect to your web service, games, tools, and more.

Secure Web APIs

If your idea uses an app, your team needs to separate your data storage layer from your mobile application layer. Has your team considered developing a JSON-native Web API? Ensured security standards for your users login and account information? No worries. Let us take care of the back-end while your development team focuses on the mobile apps and your user fan-base.

Includes full documentation. Custom documentation design upon request.

Data Storage In the Cloud

ProtoComplete has experience installing and configuring databases on proprietary servers, cloud based servers as well as on Amazon’s Cloud service. We have experience with Cassandra, a Non-relational and NoSQL database used by Facebook, Netflix, Hulu, and many popular platforms.

Web Service Architecture

Delegate the work to a team who has experience with virtual hardware, firewalls, architecture planning, and IaaS providers. We find the most efficient and affordable cloud solution available and configure the system for you. We can manage the cloud infrastructure monthly and know that your backend is in good hands.

Business Project Aalysis

We outline your project’s technical requirements and drill all the way down to the fine detail of the project including, and not limited to, what developer talent you need to hire and how long the project will take to be product-ready.

Our packages include a high-level diagram, visual project timeline, and high-precision financial projection.

Dedicated Web Hosting

We now offer web hosting services for your e-commerce website, node servers, large databases, or other web technologies starting at $20 a month. Click ‘View Plan’ to find out more.

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