Use Case – Boogio Web Portal

The Boogio team reached out to us to build their web portal. The portal needed to house thousands of users with room to grow to millions. It needed to sync live data from the browser, export historical data, and allow developers to create 3rd party apps with ease. This system involved many parts including a database cluster, amazon web services, a Web API, industry grade security standards, and web page design.


In order to provide an industry grade security for the platform, we chose OAuth 2; a standard used by giants like Facebook and Google. We researched the costs to host a Cassandra database to house the plethora of shoe data each user would have as well as the costs to house the API and web portal itself. We delivered this information with a proposal.

Work Begins March 2016

With the proposal accepted we began work designing the web portal and configuring the Cassandra clusters

Integration with the Boogio App

During the middle stretch of the project we worked closely with the hardware and app programmers for the Boogio Sync App. They needed to sync shoe data to the Cassandra database. Because of our industry grade security, we needed to change the way the app requests permission to send data on behalf of the user. With our help, their app required you to sign in with the web portal account information before any data is sent from the app.

Completed July 2016

The web portal for the Boogio beta blew the team away. They enjoyed the polish and effects that the widgets on screen had. The team signed up and tested every feature, connecting their devices to their account, and using the sync app when signed off from the web portal.

The login needed to be simple and clean

The signup process is easy and includes a progress bar

Successful signups are notified by a popup like this one and an email notification to your provided email address

A warm welcome from the system introduces us to the company announcements on the front page

The system pairs your devices live and you can manage them from your dashboard!

The sidebar slides out nicely allowing mobile users to have a comfortably compact view

Creating 3rd party apps to access user resources is a breeze as long as you have a developer account.

The system comes with an app authentication feature that uses industry grade security. Apps must have permission to access resources from your account.

Only developer accounts can access special features from the portal.


Export your shoe data with our intuitive date range selection page. Data is generated and downloadable from the cloud.


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Featured in this project:

  • Amazon Cloud Services
  • Cassandra database & clustering (CQL)
  • Support of thousands of users up to millions
  • Web API
  • Industry-Grade Security Standards
  • Live Sync Data
  • Proprietary Device Management
  • Data Export from the Cloud
  • Developer Account Privileges
  • App permissions
  • 3rd Party App Creation
  • Announcement Feed
  • Node js (javascript v8)