Use Case – Car Condition Report


Our customer, Matt, wanted to improve upon typical car inspection services. He came to ProtoComplete to put together a website and prototype app for what he named “C2R” or “Car Condition Report”.

The website would be cutting-edge and showcase a number of service features as user-friendly widgets that would work on mobile phones too. The app should read OBDII sensor values to send to the service upon an inspection. We got to work.

C2R service is expected to take off from prototype to customer-ready in the near future. Scroll-on or visit to see more!

Cutting-Edge Web Design

Mobile-friendly and sleek to look at! The website uses animations and interactive buttons that put on a flashy show when you land on them. The site has several custom widgets to display live information of car data and estimated market values.

Custom Web Widgets

The inspector widget requires Matt to login before he can use, prompted to tick off each requirement before he is allowed to access the rest of the page. The page itself has an “Annotations” widget that he can slide up with his thumb on his phone, or mouse at home on his computer. Each step of the page is a series of questions that are logged away along with the car in his demo.

iOS app prototype

Matt wanted to sync his website up to an app that could read OBDII sensor values over bluetooth for higher car-inspection fidelity. We used existing OBDII iOS libraries and made an app that displayed sensor readings as text on the screen

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Featured in this project:

  • Mobile-friendly
  • Cutting-edge web design
  • Custom web widgets
  • User Accounts
  • iOS app
  • OBDII sensor reading over Bluetooth