Use Case – McMinnville GO

Mandy Eller, director of Commerce for McMinnville, TN reached out to us to develop her idea. McMinnville TN is growing fast and she wanted to fuse the adventure elements of Pokémon Go™ into an app geared towards visiting all the fun places you need to know about in town. We delivered a prototype that hit every important feature needed to get started: the mobile app, the business dashboard, and an admin dashboard. Businesses can sign up and immediately find their icon in the map on the app. McMinnville Go rewards players with in-game e-coupons and medals. We met in person a number of times to go over the app design and final features. This project took 3 months of man hours to complete in total.

  • Until the app becomes widely available, download the app specs in PDF here
  • Visit the home page at Are you from McMinnville, TN? Register today and take advantage of a growing platform!

Mobile friendly landing page. When the app goes public, visitors will be able to download the app here. Businesses can sign up and sign in without leaving the page. News feed is pulled from the database.

The sleek dashboard gives a professional appeal while being simple enough to use. Sign in, upload your business logo, detail your information, and it will appear in the app for potential customers!

Link your social media accounts by clicking the icons at the bottom. Lookup your address before submitting your changes and appear instantly in the app!

Businesses will be able to create e-coupons and set their maximum stock count. The system will selectively reward players with them which participating stores can handle.

Customer support is also available by clicking on the questions

The admin dashboard allows Mandy and her peers to manage users, coupons, medals, and other configurations.

The dashboard shows statistics and allows admin to push a new blog post. The statistics are randomly generated until they go live.

Business user listing. Resend passwords, delete, and search for particular data. Pagination keeps the records orderly.

View the beautiful 3D medals designed by our graphics artist.

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Featured in this project:

  • Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Mobile App Design
  • iOS + Android App Development
  • Mongo Database
  • Web Service API
  • Industry-Grade Security Standards
  • Live Data
  • Home page
  • Sleek and original Business User Dashboard
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Maps
  • Geo-location and Directions
  • News Feed
  • Database Record Management
  • Search Database Fields
  • Account Management
  • React JS