Use Case – Tactical Chat


The Trusted Solutions team needed a software revamp. Their XMPP-to-IRC server, called “Gateway”, was suffering from some software issues that were hard for them to solve. Additionally their dashboard needed to be rebranded, some individual programs needed to be consolidated into one, and a new file format for their plugins needed to be considered. Essentially, their software suite needed to be improved from good to GREAT. Scroll below to see how we helped.

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Improved Performance

  • We improved their C++ code to be more efficient on x64 (modern) computers
  • We improved build times (< 5 min!) using cmake, vcpkg, and git and maven
  • We fixed the bugs and crashes making their server even more reliant for mission critical operations

Rebranded software

All software that ProtoComplete worked on needed a new look. New icons were added to all executables, installers, and even the dashboard. The login screen for the dashboard is presented in this screenshot.

Secured Their Intellectual Property

We provided a custom file format for plugins using cryptography and intelligent algorithms – shipped with tools and documentation to achieve this step without us present

Installers For Consumer-Ready Software

We provided installer4j files for custom installers for all the products in the suite

Planned For Their Future

Trusted Solutions team asked how they could scale their software and their engineering team. We consulted with them and disclosed how to efficiently add the requested features as their customer base grew and which talent they would need to fill along with it.

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Featured in this project:

  • C++
  • WinSockets
  • Windows Service Applications
  • TCP/UDP networking
  • Legacy Code
  • Java/JSP
  • Cryptography
  • Installers
  • IRC